November 28, 2016

5 Ways To Bring Your Steampunk To The Next Level


Of all the possible ways to define Steampunk culture, one definition has always rung true for me

"Steampunk represents a nostalgia for a time that never was".

What does this mean? Well to give a less cryptic description, Steampunk blends Victorian-Era sensibility and aesthetic with mechanical functionality to bring about a time that never was.

Although Steampunk borrows from the past, it ultimately belongs to a time that never came to pass.

And it is in this that the true beauty of Steampunk lies: taken by themselves, there is little appeal in a past already written, a present currently had, and a future undecipherable. Taken and blended together, however, the possibilities are truly endless. 

Here we transition, and offer you five ways to take this tradition - your Steampunk - to the next level.

1) Leggings: The most bad-ass tights ever made.

Steampunk leggings made for the most industrious of fans. Spandex and polyester, these leggings are super stretchy and a worthy addition to your costume

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2) Jewelry - Accessories take a costume that's almost there, and pull it together to make it phenomenal. The jewelry linked below is marked as "Free Plus Shipping". Simply pay $10.95 per piece of jewelry.

 Steampunk cipher necklace. Bronze color, back plate available in silver or bronze color. Perfect accessory for steampunk enthusiast

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3) Corsets - Corsets. A worthy centrepiece to any costume.


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4) Sunglasses: Funky as funky gets. Hiding your eyes leaves an intangible aura of mystery. This might be overkill for some, but for others more is always better.

Funky Steampunk Sunglasses with Spikes and strap

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5) Craft Materials: Lastly, how one Steampunks is entirely up to the Steampunker in question. One of the most inspiring things about Steampunk culture is the awe-inspiring creativity it's adherents continually bring to the table.

Steampunk gears for crafts. make your own costume.

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And there you have it: 5 ways to bring your Steampunk to the next level. Remember folks, the only wrong way to Steampunk is to not Steampunk at all. Step your game up and keep the tradition alive. 

By Denise Jones