Flask Bracelet

There are certain times in life where one must adhere to unsavory social standards. Whether you're visiting the in-laws, watching your sisters kids, or attending a distant relatives funeral, alcohol is oftentimes not on the menu .... unless you're smart, that is. 

Introducing our 4 Ounce Flask Bracelet: Taking the edge off life, one stylish sip at a time. This bracelet is so stealthy that it's been known to make it's way into almost anywhere. Our flask even comes with a handy funnel, ensuring a clean pour each and every time. 

One of our favorite things about our bracelet flask is how portable it is. All you have to do is wear it. And for those of us who appreciate our drinks, we can now literally be holding one at all times. 

It looks rad and comes with a nice box, making it the perfect gift. Just make sure you also buy one for yourself. It was your awesome idea and you can't let your dumb sister take that away from you just because it's her birthday.

Anyways, pour yourself a cold one and click "add to cart". If you do that today you'll receive Free Shipping and a big discount.

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